It Was A Great
2016 Legislative Session!!!

Now that the 2016 legislative session has ended, I thought I would share with you some highlights from the session. The bills that passed both the House and Senate are currently in the hands of Governor Deal.

As stipulated in our state constitution, the governor has 40 days to sign or veto the legislation. This means any bill or resolution the governor has not vetoed by Tuesday, May 3, 2016, will become state law in the coming months.

Of all of the legislation passed by the General Assembly this session, one of the most important was House Bill 751, which establishes the state budget for Fiscal Year 2017 and received final, overwhelming approval during the last week of session.

As the only piece of legislation that we are constitutionally required to pass each session, the Fiscal Year 2017 budget will guide all state spending from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

We were able to fund a number of priorities, including: rate increases for health and human service providers; salary adjustments for K-12 teachers, Pre-K teachers, bus drivers, nutrition workers, and school nurses; and salary increases for public health nurses, sworn law enforcement officers and other critical positions to address retention issues.

HB 751 appropriates more than half of the annual budget for education spending, where local school boards will not only be able to give salary increases, but will also have the ability to eliminate furlough days or increase classroom instruction days for education.

The final version of HB 751 also adds important funding for public safety, healthcare, and transportation initiatives throughout Georgia, all while keeping our state’s total debt low, our “rainy day funds” high, and maintaining our AAA bond rating.

Please feel free to contact me throughout the session with your thoughts or concerns on pending issues, or whenever I can be of service.

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Representative Pedro “Pete” Marin